becoming a racehorse

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Making a horse into a racehorse is a years-long process that requires incredible amounts of care, patience, and hard work. 


This journey begins with the correct raising of a foal to ensure they grow into healthy and strong yearlings. This is followed by the education a yearling to prepare them for life at the racetrack. 


It takes two or more years of proper nutrition, exercise, and training to transform a Thoroughbred into a racehorse, and still their journey has only then just begun. The meticulous care that each horse receives on the backside of the racetrack is imperative to their good performance in the afternoon races. 


Finally, when a racehorse is ready to move on to a different career, whether that is breeding or another equestrian discipline, there is yet another attentive process to transition them. 


The people who work within the horse racing industry are well aware of all that goes into turning a horse into a healthy, happy, and successful racehorse. However, the general public and the majority of horse racing fans only see what happens in the races. They are clueless about the years of preparation and daily care that make those moments on the track possible. 


Champions of the Track will be creating a mini-doc that showcases the days, months, and years of care that make those two minutes of racing possible. Education on this topic is key to improving the public perception of horse racing.


We need your help to make this happen. Read all the ways you can assist us below. 

Filming begins with Thoroughbred trainer & co-owner of Arrowhead Thoroughbred Center Brandi Steele at the end of March. 



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Contact us if you have a role in raising foals, educating yearlings, training racehorses, or preparing retired horses for a new career and would be interested in participating in our mini-doc.