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5 Reasons You Should Be Playing StableDuel

Horse racing is an old sport steeped in history and traditions. Gambling has been a huge part of this sport since the 1600s, when King James I and the other elites would bet on races at Newmarket in the UK. Today gambling on horse racing is not reserved for the elite - millions of people of all backgrounds “play the ponies”.

Still the way we bet at racetracks can get old. Horse racing has long needed a new way of doing things, which is why StableDuel, a daily horse racing contest app is a breath of fresh air. This app was designed by horseplayers for horseplayers and their team is on a mission to become the center of innovation for horse racing entertainment. The fans who have already tried StableDuel absolutely love it and Champions of the Track knows that you will too. Incase you're wondering if this app is right for you, we've compiled a list five reasons why you should be playing StableDuel: 1. You’re new to betting on horse racing or are bored with the typical wagering system. StableDuel’s daily contest format is similar to some fantasy sports apps. This makes it super easy for anyone who has been playing fantasy sports to switch over to horse racing. Plus, you don’t have to worry about all of the confusing wager types and terms you may see on other horse racing betting apps. If you're new to horse racing and want to play the ponies in an easy and fun way, StableDuel is the app for you! 2. Your horse always finishes second, but never seems to win. One of the best things about StableDuel is that your horse doesn’t actually have to win the race for you to stay competitive. This game runs off of a points system - you gain (or lose) points on the leaderboard depending on your horse’s placing and by how many lengths they win or lose by. This really helps those horseplayers whose picks always seem to finish second or third as you can still earn points for those finishes.

3. You want to learn new handicapping strategies. When you enter a contest on StableDuel, you are given a salary of $50,000 to draft a stable of 10 horses to compete for points. This prevents players from picking the favorites in every race, as these horses are much more expensive to add to your stable than a longshot is. Instead, players must get creative and pick some favorites, some mid-priced horses, and some longshots that they believe will do well enough to earn them points, not deduct them.

4. You’re competitive & want to prove that you’re better than your friends and other players.

StableDuel is a contest app, meaning that you’re competing against other players to see who drafted the ultimate stable. Many StableDuel players will join the same games as their friends and family so even if none of them win the prize money, they can still compare their final placings to one another. This adds an extra element of fun that placing a single wager just doesn’t give you!

5. You want to earn special prizes & experiences. The StableDuel team set up an excellent rewards system to thank their players for their participation. Every time you play a game, your leaderboard points are added to your overall stable. As your progress, you’ll be able to earn some StableDuel swag or other cool opportunities. Everything from free t-shirts, to money towards gameplay, to exclusive raceday experiences with a personal concierge are a part of the rewards tier.

StableDuel is a relatively new app, but they already have excellent reviews. So what are you waiting on? Use our link to sign up for StableDuel! Playing is an experience unlike anything else, an experience that you don’t want to miss out on.


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