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StableDuel: New Way To Discover The Thrill Of Horse Racing

Those who watch horse racing know that there is no bigger thrill than the horse you’ve got money on getting to the wire first. Once someone has experienced that unique and extraordinary feeling, they will find it hard to walk away from this game. Still the question has always been “how do we introduce new people to this special feeling, people who never before had an interest in watching or betting on horse racing?”.

Answering this question requires innovation. It requires stepping away from the traditional ways of marketing horse racing. This is what makes StableDuel so special.

StableDuel, a daily horse racing contest app, officially launched on July 3rd, 2020. Their mission? To “be the center of innovation for horseracing entertainment, focused on developing and growing a dedicated fanbase with a commitment to simplicity, approachability and continuous improvement”.

It was exactly what the sport had been yearning for. Their launch opened up the world of horse racing to people who were already familiar with daily contest apps - apps that have hundreds of thousands of dedicated, daily users - at a time when horse racing was one of the only sports anyone could watch. StableDuel was there to coax in and relieve anyone who was desperately missing the sort of thrill that only sports can give us.

It worked marvelously. StableDuel nearly eliminated the terminology that can confuse and scare off potential horseplayers. It is no longer necessary for new horseplayers to scroll through the seemingly endless lists of wager types and then throw together a bet that they may not even completely understand.

Instead, StableDuel prompts their users to enter a ‘game’ at any of their participating partner tracks on that given day for a cost as low as $5 or as much as $100. Then the player is given a salary cap of $50,000 to select a stable of ten horses running during that card. When it’s post time for that track’s first race, the contest will close for entries and the game begins. As the races start, players will watch their stables move up or down on the contest leaderboard as their horses earn or lose points. For some, this may be the first time they will experience the rush of adrenaline that comes with watching “their” horse(s) make their run in the stretch. It may be their chance to finally feel the jubilation associated with their horse winning, that jubilation that veteran horseplayers keep coming back for. Better yet, the crushing defeat of their horse getting beat to the wire by a nose is made to feel less severe - the top five horses in the race still earn their stable points.

The endless hours of hard work the StableDuel team put into this app was applauded with rave reviews from both new and veteran horseplayers alike. “I am a relative horse betting novice, but tried out StableDuel because it has a daily fantasy sports aspect that I’m familiar with,” one user wrote. “I have improved my handicapping skills by watching the strategies of some of the better players too. StableDuel has definitely turned into my go to sports app.”

“As someone who enjoys playing the horses but seemed to consistently be the bridesmaid and not the bride (I’m hella good at picking the horse that misses place by a nose), this app appealed to me. Getting points (or losing them) for final positions and lengths is a great way for me to stay competitive even when I miss out on the winners,” another player wrote. “Having played for a month now, it seems each week I find myself playing more and more, and after a couple of contest wins, I’m ready to keep playing for quite a while. Fun, engaging, exciting.” Not only did StableDuel find a way to make playing the ponies easy for new players, but they found good ways to keep them engaged too. They are constantly hosting free or special contests and have a killer rewards program that shows how much they truly appreciate their active players. Plus, StableDuel kills it on social media with interactive and hilarious posts that you just don’t see coming from most other betting apps. Those who love merch will discover that StableDuel’s shop is stocked with designs that are quite amusing (and very comfortable).

Perhaps the greatest thing about StableDuel is that it was created by horseplayers, for horseplayers. They actually listen to the concerns and desires of their users and are consistently rolling out new updates that keeps the user experience fresh and smooth.

StableDuel has found new ways to attract general sports fans to this old and storied sport. They have proven that they can and will change the way that people discover their love for horse racing. As StableDuel’s Chris Brothers says, “There is no reason why horse racing should not be just as popular as bigger sports like football and having a relatable brand is one of the avenues to get us there.”

Don’t get left behind - download StableDuel & create your account to become a part of the incredible world of innovation that they have created.


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