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Ten Horse Racing Breyer Models That Make The Perfect Gift

I don’t know about all of you guys, but I was obsessed with Breyer horses when I was a kid. I begged my parents for new ones each year for Christmas and my birthday. I loved them so much that I even convinced my dad to take me to Breyerfest at the Kentucky Horse Park in 2012.

I never had a ton of Breyer horses and I don’t collect them anymore. However, many people still collect into adulthood! Some Breyers are very valuable, some people show them in model horse shows, and some people apply their artistic skills to customize them! They provide a lot of fun and events like Breyerfest can give a child a real sense of community.

It is a good and stimulating hobby to get the horse loving kids in your life started on. It’s also great for adults who show them or who like to have them as decorations on their shelves. With this in mind, I have compiled a list of ten horse racing related Breyers that you should consider getting the horse loving kids and adults in your life as a gift for the upcoming Holidays!

American Pharoah What’s a better gift for a horse racing lover than a model of 2015 Triple Crown winner American Pharoah? Each time someone looks at this model, they will be reminded of the journey he took us all on just four years ago.

Secretariat Secretariat is one of the most popular racehorses of all time. His Triple Crown journey in 1973 inspired so many people to become fans of horse racing. This model depicts his incredible power beautifully and makes a great addition to any horse racing fan’s shelf.

Justify Do you know someone who is a huge fan of Justify? One of the best gifts you can give them is a model of him! Something like this will bring back all those memories of him breaking the Apollo Curse and becoming our 13th Triple Crown winner. Plus, it’s a downright beautiful model!

Breyer Santa Ornament This ornament is a fun gift for any horse racing fan in your life. Santa trading in his reindeer for a racehorse is something all racing fans can get on board with. Plus, it would look perfect on a Christmas tree!

Black Caviar and Foal Set Black Caviar is a highly-respected and incredibly talented Australian racemare. She has since retired and has begun a life as a broodmare. This model of her & one of her foals is a perfect way to commemorate both her success on the racetrack and the hope we all have for her as a broodmare!

Man o’ War Ornament Man o’ War, or “Big Red” as he is fondly called, is considered to be one of the greatest horses to ever race. Not only did he make his mark on horse racing’s history’ but he would also make a great mark on a Christmas tree. This collectible ornament shows guests the love and appreciation you have for the great Man o’ War.

California Chrome California Chrome may be heading to Japan to continue his life as a stud, but that doesn’t mean he can’t adorn your home! Remember California Chrome and his hugely successful career as a racehorse with this gorgeous model of him.

Harley the Pony Thoroughbreds aren’t the only types of horses to make a name for themselves on the racetrack. Harley is a well-known and easy to recognize horse racing figure. He has a job of ponying horses in the post parade on their way to the starting gates. Celebrate his beauty by getting this model of him as a gift for the Harley fans in your life!

Frankel The undefeated Frankel (and full-brother to sire Noble Mission for all of you Lane’s End fans) is another extremely popular racehorse. This model as been described as being a beautiful rendition of him with rippling muscles and a billowing mane and tail. This would be the perfect addition to a shelf in your living room, office, or bedroom!

Justify Ornament Pay your respects to our most recent Triple Crown winner Justify with this beautiful ornament. It makes a perfect, not-too expensive gift for the horse racing fans in your life. Plus, it’ll make an excellent addition to their Christmas tree next year!

It is important to mention that all Breyer Models are hand-painted! This means that every model is going to turn out just a little bit different!

All in all, I hope that this list helped you pick out a gift for the horse racing fans in your life. Or maybe it helped you find something to treat yourself with. Either way, here's to a happy holiday filled with horse racing!

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