"What an honor to have had Champions of the Track come out for a visit! They are a breath of fresh air, young, talented and passionate about horse racing. Check out the video and their pages on Facebook which educate and also boost our sport. Don’t forget to shout out to them and say thank you. We need the positive more than ever."

Christine Cagle / Springcliff Farm / Owner

"Champions of the Track has been a wonderful partner for Horse Country. They share wonderful content and well researched posts, informed by a sincere love of the sport and horses." 

Horse Country, Inc.


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Stephen A.

Champions of the Track provides some of the best content anywhere about this great sport. The past is not forgotten here, it's remembered with great stories. The present is also covered with great pieces about current stars. I appreciate all the hard work everyone does!

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I love your posts! Whenever I see one of them I learn something new about horse racing. And I love all of your content and the beautiful pictures. Looking forward for something new every day.  Love your page!