Champions of the track

Our Mission

Champions of the Track works to grow the popularity of horse racing by sharing stories, photos, and videos. We aim for our content to reach potential fans and get them interested in the sport. We also aim for our content to kindle that love of horse racing in current fans.

Champions of the Track works to grow the popularity of horse racing by sharing stories from the sport's history, current stars and events, and by talking about our experiences at different places and events. All of this can be found on our blog!

Sharing Stories

Champions of the Track shares photos we have taken at various farms, tracks, museums, and other racing destinations on our  social media platforms to inspire others to visit these places. We also hope these pictures create new fans!

Sharing Photos

While at horse racing events and destinations, the Champions of the Track team films videos to be compiled into YouTube videos and posted on social media! We hope these videos inspire fans to attend these events and destinations.

Sharing Videos

Meet The Team

Kaeli Bartholomew

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Kaeli is the founder of Champions of the Track. She writes, manages all of our social media platforms and email, and takes photos and videos at racing events and destinations to turn into content.

Nijaul Ricks

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Nijaul is our graphics and technology man. He created our logo, designs our merch, and does other technology related work for us. He also films for our Youtube and social media.

Justin Bartholomew

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Justin is our transportation man! He drives our travel van to all of the places we visit. He also takes a ton of videos for our Youtube and social media. 

Contact Us

Contact us with any questions, concerns, or comments using the contact form below!

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