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horse racing resource

The Horse Racing Resource was created to be a directory for new and long-time fans to learn more about horse racing and find fresh ways to experience this sport.

It is said that a love for horse racing is something in your blood, that you have an innate and inescapable draw towards the sport. This is not just true for those who were born and raised on a farm or on the backside, but also for those who discovered their fondness for horse racing a different way; whether it was through a family member taking them to the track in the afternoons, from a book or movie showing them the beauty of racing, or by watching their first Kentucky Derby from their living room floor.


Horse racing is a diverse sport enjoyed by many different types of people for many different reasons. Some enjoy the adrenaline and abundance that comes from being a horseplayer - whether they're a casual $2 player or a person who makes a living “playing the ponies”. Others enjoy the excitement and socialness of the track, regardless of whether they are the type to put on their finest outfits to enjoy champagne and dinner in the grandstand or the type to relax trackside in a lawn chair and watch the races up close. Some people are simply captivated by the people and horses involved in this old and storied sport. Most racing fans are all three. 

The world of horse racing is large and complex. There is always something new to learn and experience. We put together this "Racing Resource" to help new and old fans alike discover all horse racing has to offer.

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