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Champions of the Track is a media group that is by fans of horse racing for fans of horse racing, powered by KPB Media. 

Horse racing is a thrilling and unique sport filled with beauty and color. The videos, stories, and photos we share are designed to showcase this. 

We utilize the power of social media to connect with both potential and current horse racing fans across the world. We know that this sport appeals to many different types of people and we aim to reach them all. 

Our team did not grow up in the horse racing industry or even around horses - we use this "outsiders perspective" to appeal to potential fans who may not know anything about racing.

Simply put, we love the sport of horse racing and want to share that love with the rest of the world. 

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Meet The Team

Meet The Team

kaeli & oscar 2.jpg

kaeli bartholomew

Kaeli is the founder of Champions of the Track. She handles everything from content writing, social media, photography, video filming & editing, project planning, and more.


nJ ricks

NJ is the "tech guy" of Champions of the Track. He assists with photography, filming, editing, and graphic design.


justin bartholomew

Justin is the assitant for Champions of the Track. He helps with filming, photography, and other creative.

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