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About us

Champions of the Track works to create new fans of horse racing through engaging, entertaining, and informative content.


Champions of the Track is a blog run by fans of horse racing for fans of horse racing, powered by KPB Media. 

Horse racing is a thrilling, unique, and beautiful sport filled with exciting, inspiring, and heartwarming stories. The content we share is designed to showcase this. 

We utilize the power of social media to connect with both potential and current horse racing fans across the world. We want an online search of "horse racing" to yield good results about racing, not bad news stories.  

Simply put, we love the sport of horse racing and want to share that love with the rest of the world. 

Meet the Team


Work with KPB Media

KPB Media is the force behind Champions of the Track. You can work with us by sponsoring content on Champions of the Track or by utilizing our advertising services: 

  • Social Media Management

  • Video Production

  • Wix Website Design

  • Photography

  • Social Media Ads Management

  • Content Writing

  • Graphics Design

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