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6 Reasons Why You Should Attend Live Horse Racing

You may be asking yourself: Should I attend live horse racing? Why should I go to the track when I could watch the races and place bets from my couch? Well, there are many reasons why attending live racing is better than watching on your TV, laptop, or phone. Here are just six of the countless reasons why you should get into your car and drive to your nearest track!

1. You get to see the horses up close. Watching the races from the comfort of your couch is nice, but you do not get to experience the magnificence of a Thoroughbred racehorse up close. When watching the races in person, you can see the horses in the paddock and during the post parade. If you can get close enough, you can even see them when they enter the winners’ circle!

2. It is more exciting! Placing bets from your phone or computer will put butterflies in your stomach when the horses reach the starting gate. However, it doesn’t come close to comparing to the feeling you get when you’re standing (or sitting) among other racing fans, all screaming and cheering and waving their programs for different horses as the field comes flying down the stretch.

3. You get to witness how happy winning makes a horse’s connections. No matter where you are at the racetrack, you won’t miss the winning horse’s connections as they make their way towards the winners’ circle. Owners will be smiling ear to ear, grooms will be awaiting their steeds with pride on their faces, and trainers will be beaming with excitement. They could have won a $5,000 claimer and you would think they just won a Gr.1 race. It’s a great feeling to see other people accomplishing their dreams.

4. You get to meet people with the same interests as you! What better place to meet horse racing fans than at the racetrack? People of all ages and genders attend their local racetrack. It’s a great place to make conversation with those around you. You never know if they will end up being your lifelong friends!

5. You are supporting the industry. Yes, watching horse racing on your TV and betting from your phone is still supporting the industry. But, attending live horse racing in person supports your local track. Plus, it is always nice for the jockeys to look out into the grandstands and see a sea of people supporting them. Live racing attendance has been dwindling. Make yourself be one of those people who bring those attendance numbers back up!

6. You never know when you’ll witness history. What’s cooler than seeing a horse break a track record or become the first horse to accomplish something while watching on TV? Being there to witness it! Imagine hearing someone telling a story of one of racing’s greats and being able to say “I was there”.


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