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What Does "Chrome" Mean When Talking About Horses?

You may often hear people look at a horse and say things like, “that horse has a lot of chrome”. But, what exactly does “chrome” mean when referring to horses?

If a horse is described as having “chrome”, it means that the horse has many white markings. One small star and one sock doesn’t really cut it. These horses are still gorgeous, of course, but they don’t necessarily have “chrome”.

Instead, look for horses with a lot of white on their face and legs. A well-known example of a horse with chrome is California Chrome. He is a bright, chestnut color with a huge blaze and white on all four of his legs.

Get Stormy and Talismanic are both good examples of bay horses with chrome. These stallions have a big blaze and white on all four of their legs.

All in all, "chrome" just means that the horse has a lot of white! It doesn't make them any more special than any other horse. Some people even prefer horses without white markings over those that have them!

Who is your favorite horse with a lot of chrome?

[Video: This video shows the chromed Talismanic]


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