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How The Average Person Can Support Aftercare for Racehorses

"I'm too Jazzy" at Indiana Grand.

Taking excellent care of the Thoroughbreds involved in horse racing is a vital part to the sport. This, of course, means ensuring that racehorses are happy, sound, and healthy during their time on the racetrack. It also means protecting their well being when their time on the track is through.

Horror stories of ex-racehorses ending up in kill pens or starving in barren pastures have made their way onto the internet. It is a tragic thing that no fan of racing ever wants to happen. No one does.

Unfortunately, those who do not know much about horse racing see these stories and believe that this is the fate of every racehorse. They take to the streets and to government buildings to ask for the sport to be banned. The entire sport, they say, is evil and is killing horses. They see the tragedies and not the love that those in the horse racing industry have for their horses.

Because of this, and because we must do what is right by the horses, we must push for better aftercare programs for racehorses at all levels, at all tracks, in all states. You may see this as a task better left to those with more power, but there is something everyone can do.

Take the following list into consideration. See what any average fan of horse racing can do to support Thoroughbred aftercare.

1. Donate to your favorite accredited Thoroughbred Aftercare Organization.

There are so many amazing organizations spread across the United States that are dedicated to helping ex-racehorses transition from the racetrack to a new career. The Thoroughbred Aftercare Alliance has a strict code of standards they use to accredit organizations. You can find a list of organizations that passed the test here.

2. Become a Retired Racehorse Project Ambassador.

The Retired Racehorse Project (RRP) works to increase the demand of Off Track Thoroughbreds by showing their abilities in all disciplines. You can sign up to become an ambassador here. They will send you flyers, posters, and magazines that you can distribute.