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What They Said About Seabiscuit

Trainer Tom Smth, Seabiscuit, and jockey George Woolf ("The Iceman") after the Pimlico Special, 1938. Photo from the Keeneland Library - Morgan Collection. This image is protected by copyright and may not be reproduced in print or electronically without written permission of the Keeneland Library.

“The wonder is that Seabiscuit hasn’t cut his own throat. Two photo finishes - a difference of inches - in two successive $100,000 races where each time he was nipped in the last half-stride. Don’t forget that Seabiscuit was also breaking the track record. Even that wasn’t good enough. Every time Seabiscuit sees a camera there must be a red glint in his eye and murder in his heart. The recording camera has been plain poison to this great Thoroughbred and he may get out an injunction at any moment. They may beat him, but the margin is generally too thin for the human eye to catch it.” - Grantland Rice, The Spokesman-Review, Mar. 7th, 1938

“Seabiscuit has had to battle in many of his races, perhaps against a better batch of horses than War Admiral had to face. In defeat, Seabiscuit was not disgraced. He was always driving hard right down to the wire.” - Dillon Graham, The Milwaukee Journal, May 19, 1938

“The largest crowd in the records of western racing steamed into this tiny town today to watch a crippled little castoff who once could have been bought for $2,500 go down the rainbow road of the $100,000 Santa Anita Handicap on his last bid for recognition as the greatest money winner of all time.” - Jack Guenter, The Bulletin, Mar. 2, 1940

“Race horses will come and go and new records may be set every season but there'll never be another horse as great as Seabiscuit. At least that's the ‘iceman's'’ opinion.” - Madera Tribune, Jan. 28, 1943 “Seabiscuit, a fleet legend among improvers of the breed who congregate at racetrack rails everywhere, today stands as the outstanding stakes winning horse in the history of Santa Anita Park.” - The Desert Sun, Nov. 25, 1959

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