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In The Press: Whirlaway

Whirlaway at Hialeah, undated. From the Keeneland Library Cook Collection. This image is protected by copyright and may not be reproduced in print or electronically without written permission of the Keeneland Library.

“Ben said Whirlaway was a mighty quiet and peaceful horse, and that you could start a poker game in his stall without causing him to turn his head or switch his tail. He admitted that Whirlaway was a very sound animal, with a constitution like a lion, and that the only place he ever showed any excitement was in the paddock, and that he didn't give his best in morning workouts.” - Henry McLemore, Madera Tribune, Sep. 20, 1940

“To the astonishment of every one of the 30,801 fans who crowded Belmont Park, the chestnut cannonball from the blue grass completed his completed his ‘triple crown’ conquest by running from the front end of the field for a full mile of this mile and a half classic, and still bounced home three lengths to the good without even ‘mussing his hair’”. - Sid Feder, Sarasota Herald-Tribune, June 8, 1941

“The true answer is that Whirlaway is a strange, odd sort of animal that no one can ever quite figure out. The horse that has won as many major stakes as Whirlaway should never have been beaten as many times as the Wright flier has taken the count. That’s what makes him interesting to figure out.” - Grantland Rice, The Milwaukee Journal, Aug. 12, 1941

“Big Ben Jones today groomed little Whirlaway, the ‘crazy’ horse that became the greatest money-winner in racing history, to extend his golden record beyond the fabulous $500,000 mark—a feat considered impossible before the advent of ‘Mr. Longtail.’” - Madera Tribune, Jul. 16, 1942

“I’ve never saddled a horse for The Derby that I didn’t think had some sort of fighting chance. By the same token, I’ve only saddled two horses that I was reasonably sure-barring bad racing luck-would win. They were Whirlaway and Citation.” - Trainer Ben A. Jones, The Montreal Gazette, April 8, 1953


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