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The Economy Needs Horses and Horse Racing

The days of horses being needed for transportation and farming are nearly gone, but the horse is still extremely important to the American people. Though we no longer need horses to carry us from our homes to the nearest grocery store, we do need the economic impact they generate.

The American Horse Council’s 2017 study found that there are 7.2 million horses in the United States. Most of these horses (767k+) are in Texas. California follows with about 534,000 horses and Florida takes the third slot with more than 387,000 horses. About 1.2 million horses in the United States are part of the horse racing industry.

These millions of horses help to generate a direct impact of $50 billion to the United States economy. The industry also creates a ripple effect that increases the economic impact of related industries. All in all, the horse industry generates about $122 billion for the United States.

These numbers are huge. Without the horse industries, the United States would be missing out on some much needed dollars. The industry also generates jobs (about 1.7 million direct and indirect jobs) and $38 billion in direct salaries and wages.

Horses are the livelihood of countless people throughout the United States. A study by the American Horse Council in 2005 found that 1 in every 63 people are involved with horses. That’s huge!

If horse racing were to be eradicated (as anti-horse racing activists would like to see), the United States would lose billions of dollars in revenue. Millions of people would lose their jobs, sending families below the poverty line and increasing the need for government assistance for both individuals and families. Those who do not (or cannot) seek government assistance will be faced with the difficulty of finding a way to feed themselves and their children.

Horses are all that some people know. Without them and the industries they are involved in, the United States will hurt.

The horse industries are good for the United States and the people that live here, even if they aren’t involved with horses themselves. Because of this, horse racing and other horse industries need support and protection from America’s politicians and from people like you.


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There are so many people that depend on racing/horse in some form for their livelihood. Here in NY, its a big part of the economy.

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