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The Spicy Mare that Made Morgan Better

Social media has proven itself to be an excellent marketing platform not only for businesses but for non-profits. CANTER, a non-profit organization dedicated to finding racehorses homes after their time on the track is through, has greatly benefited from this. Potential horse owners are benefiting too, which can be seen through the great story of Ginger and Morgan.

The story of Ginger and Morgan began before Ginger even came home with Morgan. Morgan’s friend shared CANTER with her on Facebook and thus she went to Hawthorne Racetrack to look at potential horses for one of her clients. That is when she first laid eyes on a chestnut mare named Reality Star.

“She was very HOT. Very spicy, didn’t want to walk flat footed on the lead,” explained Morgan. “She would have been way too much for my client. But, I thought she was perfect for me.”

At the time, however, Morgan was not in the market for a new horse. Her previous mare (and first horse) had passed away just four months prior and so she left the track empty handed. But despite the mares hot demeanor, Morgan couldn’t stop thinking about her. The mare had truly touched something inside of her.

“I hemmed and hawed and talked to her trainer. I wasn’t sure I was ready. I wasn’t sure I could retrain a horse off the track,” said Morgan.

Even with her doubts, Morgan couldn’t bring herself to let the horse get away from her. On February 24, 2018, Morgan brought her new mare home.

Ginger, the mare was called, transitioned much easier than Morgan expected her to. Morgan worked with her vet to change the mare’s diet and had her in a small paddock for turnout. “I worked extensively on groundwork with her for about 6 weeks after I got her and just let her chill out,” said Morgan. “Eventually she transitioned from a small paddock to a 2 acre pasture.”