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The Wonderful Experience of Being a Part Owner of a Racehorse

Taste of Victory horse Binkster. Photo provided by Taste Of Victory.

Many people have found it hard to get involved in horse racing ownership. It’s easy to crave the feeling of being in the paddock before your horse’s race and then meeting them in the winners’ circle. It’s easy to want to be able to visit the backside of your favorite racetrack to see your very own racehorse. Unfortunately, it is not so easy to find the funds to satisfy these cravings. But with the increase in owner partnerships, more and more people have been able to feel these great feelings.

Christopher Fronczek is one of those people who have been able to experience racehorse ownership through partnerships. He has owned shares in multiple horses through Taste Of Victory Stables.

Fronczek first heard about Taste Of Victory Stables when he attended “Fantasy Owners Day” at Laurel Park in March of 2017. The event allowed participants to have a Q&A session with racing partnerships, horsemen, and officials. They were also paired with a horse that was running that afternoon to experience the types of things that owners would experience (such as going into the paddock and winners’ circle).

Fronczek met Phil Schoenthal, a trainer for Taste Of Victory Stables, at that event. “He gave us a lot of his time,” Fronczek explained. “About a month later, he allowed us to visit his barn in the early AM and also watch babies breezing. We got to meet one of his owners, Cal MacWilliam, and Sheldon Russell the jockey. We were at Laurel for the races later in the day and Phil's horse won the 10th race. He invited us into the Winner's Circle for the picture.”

In October, Fronczek attended Maryland Millions Day where he met Andrew Calvano. Calvano was working for Taste Of Victory Stables at the time, so Fronczek began emailing back and forth with him about the stable’s current offerings. Finally, in March of 2018, Fronczek bought into Taste Of Victory’s Funny Cide Group. “To show how things come full circle, Phil Schoenthal was the trainer of several horses in the group,” said Fronczek.

Some Taste of Victory co-owners with trainer Phil Schoenthal.

In the Fall, Fronczek attended Equestricon in Louisville at the V.I.P. Level. There he met Taste Of Victory co-founders Kyle Yost and Brian Richardson as well as senior advisor Russ Sapienza. Fronczek took the opportunity to get to know the three men better, chatting with them while having a few drinks.

In the Spring, Fronczek bought shares into two fillies trained by Phil Schoenthal. Because of his involvement with Taste Of Victory Stables, Christopher Fronczek was able to meet so many industry professionals. But, his story does not end there.

“We traveled in April to Lexington to visit as many horse farms as we could and to attend races at Keeneland. Kyle put us in touch with Erin O'Keefe and Erin provided us with a fantastic 2 hour tour of the Keeneland Sales along with the stables,” Fronczek explained. “We got to look at the horses before the sales and even look at vet records.”

Fronczek explained that buying into a group means that he owns a small percentage in multiple horses that run with Taste Of Victory Stables. So far, Fronczek has really enjoyed his time with Taste Of Victory.

“One of the best experiences we had in March of this year was going to Laurel and getting to visit Phil's barn and meet the 2 babies that we own part of - both 2 yr old fillies which they are very high on. We got to pet them and feed them peppermints.”

Taste of Victory horse I'llhandalthecash.

Some people are concerned about potential expenses related to owning a racehorse. However, Fronczek says that those have not been a problem for him. “Thus far, my initial group has done very well in terms of earnings, and we have not been asked to pay any expenses,” said Fronczek. “It may even be possible that a distribution might be made at some point.”

“The group I joined in 2018 has done well, and now T.O.V. seems to be accelerating the pace by forming a lot more ownership groups and doing so more often,” Fronczek continued. “If you buy the most shares in any group, you will likely be able to pick one of the horse's names out.”

Many people who experience racehorse ownership say that owning a racehorse brings more excitement, interest, and loyalty to the sport. Fronczek says his interest increased as well, but in a different way. “As opposed to following big races and betting mostly from home, now I treasure being at the track. I also am crazy about visiting Stallion Farms- can't wait to go back to Horse Country!”

This week, Fronczek is going to Saratoga. Thursday is Taste of Victory Day. "We will visit the barns in the AM, tour the National Racing Museum Hall of Fame, and then go to the track and sit in the new 1863 Club at the finish line and enjoy a buffet, etc," Fronczek excitedly explained. "Also, one of our horses may be running  that day, which would add to the excitement. How awesome is that!"

Taste Of Victory Stables helped Christopher Fronczek experience the excitement and unique experiences that racehorse owners get. Clearly, he has cherished his time with the stable.

“So, to end my long story, our awesome horse ownership journey started with Fantasy Owners Day and has provided us with so many amazing and enriching experiences. And, most importantly, we have met so many great people along the way.” - Christopher Fronczek

Taste of Victory horse Binkster in the winners' circle.


Taste Of Victory stables are dedicated to providing their co-owners with the full ownership experience for an affordable price. Visit their website to learn more about their mission and how you can get involved. They currently have shares available for as low as $750, so act fast! TOV Facebook


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