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Where to Watch Live horse Racing

How and where to watch Live Horse racing
There are many different ways to watch live horse racing.

Every racetrack has its own method of broadcasting live horse racing. Some are only available on wagering platforms, some races can only be viewed on major channels like NBC and Fox, and others host their track feeds on their website or YouTube. This guide will help you learn where to watch live horse racing.

Quick Answer on Where to Watch Live Horse Racing:

  • Use your preferred wagering platform to watch live racing: TVG, XpressBet, TwinSpires, or NYRABets.

  • Subscribe to Racetrack Television Network (RTN)

  • Watch live racing on Fox and NBC/Peacock

  • Watch “America’s Day at the Races” on other track live streams on YouTube

  • Watch live streams from select tracks directly on their website

Where to Watch Horse Racing

Use Your Preferred Wagering App to Watch Live Horse Racing

Every track in horse racing has its own methods of broadcasting its live races. One of the easiest ways to watch live horse racing is to use your preferred wagering platform. TVG (FanDuel), TwinSpires, XpressBet, and NYRABets are the most popular. You can download the FanDuel app to your TV to watch these live streams on the big screen.

Subscribe to RTN to Watch Live Horse Racing

Racetrack Network Television (RTN) is another app you can download to your Roku to watch live racing. They have a variety of subscription packages so you can find one to fit your needs.

Watch Live Racing on Major Channels like NBC and Fox

You can keep up with racing in New York through “America’s Day at the Races” on Fox. Major races at other tracks are often broadcasted on NBC and Peacock.

Watch Livestreams from Tracks on Youtube or on their Website

A few tracks will allow you to watch their track feed on YouTube or on their website.

In addition to streaming on Fox, NYRA also hosts “America’s Day at the Races” for free on YouTube, though major races may broadcast on Fox only. Tracks like Keeneland and Oaklawn also stream their track feeds on YouTube.

Tracks like Gulfstream Park also stream their track feeds directly on their website. Simply visit the website of the track you are interested in to see if they are broadcasting their live races.

Now that you know where to watch live racing, you may wonder how to find upcoming horse races. Check out our blog post How To Find Upcoming Races for a comprehensive guide.

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