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10 Facts About Noor

Noor and trainer Burley Parke at Saratoga, 8-11-50. Photo from the Keeneland Library - Morgan Collection. his image is protected by copyright and may not be reproduced in print or electronically without written permission of the Keeneland Library.

1.) Noor raced in England at ages 2 and 3 before coming to America. There he won four of thirteen races and finished third in both the Epsom Derby and the Eclipse Stakes.

2.) Noor was the first horse to beat two Triple Crown winners. During his 1950 season, he defeated both Citation and Assault.

3.) Noor raced against Citation five times, beating him four of those times. By their third meeting, he had become the first horse to beat Citation twice.

4.) John Sherriffs, trainer of Zenyatta, recalls tacking up and riding Noor around the back arena during Noor’s retirement at Loma Rica Ranch.

5.) Noor means “light” in Arabic.

6.) Charles S. Howard (known for owning Seabiscuit) purchased Noor as a two-for-one deal with owner Aga Khan. For just $175,000, Charles Howard owned Nathoo (1948 Irish Derby winner) and Noor.

7.) Like his sire Nasrullah, Noor was known for having a nasty temperament.

8.) Noor was inducted to the National Racing Hall of Fame in 2002.

9.) Noor’s remains were transported to Old Friends Farm in 2011 because of the closing of Loma Rica Ranch.

10.) Although successful on the track, Noor was not successful at stud. He sired just thirteen stakes winners.


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