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10 Facts About Triple Crown Winner Assault

Assault in the 1946 Kentucky Derby winner's circle, Warren Mehrtens up. Photo from the Keeneland Library - Morgan Collection. This image is protected by copyright and may not be reproduced in print or electronically without written permission of the Keeneland Library.

1.) Assault stepped on a surveyor's stake while he was growing up at King Ranch in Texas. This left his front right hoof permanently deformed. He limped when he walked but was fine while galloping. This abnormality gave him the nickname, “Club Footed Comet”.

2.) Assault stumbled during the start of the 1946 Belmont Stakes and was still able to win the race by three lengths, making him the seventh Triple Crown winner.

3.) Assault’s eight length win in the Kentucky Derby was the largest margin of victory at that time.

4.) Assault was considered sterile so there are no Thoroughbreds with his name in their pedigree.

5.) In the 1945 Flash Stakes, Assault went off at odds of 70-1. He won the race.

6.) In 1947, a charity match race was organized between Assault and Armed. A nail in Assault's shoe caused the race to be postponed for four weeks. One week before the new date, Assault returned from a workout lame. He still participated in the match race, finishing eight lengths behind Armed.

7.) Assault is the only Texas-bred horse to win the Triple Crown.

8.) In addition to his deformed foot, Assault suffered from bad knees, bleeding problems, kidney problems, a splint bone, and a wrenched ankle.

9.) Assault lived until he was 28 years old at King Ranch. You can tour this farm today.

10.) Assault’s racing career earned him over $675,000 and a record of 42:18-6-7.

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