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StableDuel Sponsors Upcoming Project "Horse Racing in the Sunshine State"

StableDuel is an official sponsor of Champions of the Track’s upcoming project, “Horse Racing in the Sunshine State”, an initiative to promote and showcase the history and importance of Florida’s Thoroughbred horse racing industry.

The project comprises a series of YouTube videos and blog posts that feature some of the state’s breeding farms, training centers, retirement facilities, and racetracks as well as one of the state’s premier races: the Florida Derby. It will cover the benefits of breeding, raising, and training horses in Florida; the industry’s economic impact on the state; and the history of Florida’s Thoroughbred industry including the farms, racetracks, people, and horses who made it all possible.

The filming and photography associated with this project will take place from March 22nd to March 29th. The first piece of the project will be released on April 1st.

StableDuel will have a huge role in this project. Founder Augie Greiner is from the Ocala, FL area. Augie and his team have not only been kind enough to be a financial sponsor of this project, but are also assisting in planning visits to different farms, training centers, and other horse racing related destinations in the Ocala area.

Champions of the Track is proud to have StableDuel as a sponsor. Our team was very interested in this app even prior to its launch. We knew that fantasy sports were huge and believed that adding that sort of game to horse racing could draw in new fans - something that aligns well with our mission to increase horse racing's popularity.

When the first test challenge was released for Belmont Stakes day, I jumped at the opportunity to give it a try. I had an absolute blast trying my hand at drafting a stable and seeing the points come in each time my horses finished well. I loved how the points earned would increase (or decrease) depending on the number of lengths your horse won by. I also found that losing didn't sting as much as it does when you lose a regular bet because you still have horses in your stable that could make up for it.

After testing out the app, I was certain that StableDuel was going to be horse racing's next big thing. Fantasy sports are an ever-growing, extremely popular method for people to wager on and enjoy sports. StableDuel's similarity to these sort of apps (like FanDuel and Draft Kings) make it simple for people outside of horse racing to understand and pick up on as well.

The entire Champions of the Track team tested out their free Breeders’ Cup Challenge in which $20k would be awarded to players over the weekend. We all had a great time comparing stables and watching the races together. It added even more excitement a weekend of already great horse racing.

Plus, StableDuel announced some improvements that will be coming to their app soon:

I have written three articles about StableDuel in the past that explain the game play and give a more in depth review of the app and I highly recommend you have a look at them: 1, 2, 3

Also, sign up for StableDuel so you don’t miss their next challenge! The new app will have many improvements and you don’t want to miss out on this wave!


Please stay tuned for updates on "Horse Racing in the Sunshine State"! We are very excited for this project, which we hope will be the first of many of its kind for us.

If your company or organization would be interested in becoming a sponsor of our project “Horse Racing in the Sunshine State”, please shoot us an email at!

If you are an individual that would like to make a donation towards "Horse Racing in the Sunshine State', you can do so at


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