Fantasy Horse Racing App StableDuel Hosts Free $20k Breeders' Cup Game

Anyone who has placed a bet on a horse race know that it is a thrilling experience. It is a test of your handicapping skills, intuition, and luck. Lots of money can be won or lost in a matter of two, exhilarating minutes. Fantasy sports, something that is very popular with sports like football and basketball, has been missing from horse racing for some time now - until StableDuel launched, that is.

StableDuel combines testing your handicapping skills with the thrill of fantasy sports. It is the best new thing in horse racing and is definitely something you don’t want to miss out on. I played a few games of StableDuel when they had a Beta app. I went into it with an open mind and was not disappointed. In fact, I had more fun than I even thought I would! Drafting Your Stable

When you enter a challenge, you are prompted to select a stable of ten horses with an allotted $50,000 salary. This salary acts as a budget for selecting horses that are running on that day’s card. You have to choose your horses carefully. A horse at odds of 1-9 may be a sure winner, but it will cost you $20,000 to add them to your stable. That leaves you with only $30,000 to select nine other horses!

Below is the game’s salary chart, showing you how much it will cost you to add a horse to your stable based upon their odds:

Once you have drafted your stable, it is time to wait until the first race starts! It is then that the stables will lock and you will not be able to edit your stable (unless one of your horses have scratched).

The Game Begins

Now that your stable is drafted, it is time to see if your handicapping was correct.

Your stable will earn points based upon how your horses perform in their race. A win will earn your stable 60 points, 2nd place earns you 40, and so on and so forth. You will also earn additional points based upon how much your horse won by. If they win by a nose, you will earn 60.05 points. If they win by 1 length, you will earn 61 points. Below are the points & winning margin charts that show you how points are calculated:

Clearly, the goal is to earn the most points. You can check your ranking and view other player’s stables throughout the challenge. The leaderboard is updated after the official results of every race are in.

The player with the most points wins!

The Breeders’ Cup Challenge

The Breeders’ Cup Challenge will take place on November 1st & 2nd. The challenge is free to enter and there will be a $20k pay out! $5,000 will be paid out on Future Stars Friday & $15,000 will be paid out on Saturday.

Here are some graphics to show you how the money will be distributed: