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Experience Horse Racing With The Canterbury Park Racing Club

Every racing fan dreams of owning their own racehorse. They dream of hearing a crowd cheer as their horse crosses the wire first. They dream of meeting that horse at the winner’s circle, shaking hands with the jockey, and planting a kiss on the horse’s nose. They imagine how it must feel to wake in the early hours of the morning to watch their horse gallop through the fog. They think about meeting industry leaders, what it would be like to be among the people they have looked up to for so long.

While this is a dream that nearly everyone has, it is a dream that many feel will never be fulfilled because they simply don’t have enough money. It’s not a secret that owning horses is expensive. Not only do you have the pay their purchase price, but you have the pay the trainer and cover the vet bills. To make it even scarier, it’s an investment that might not even pay off. There is no guarantee that a horse will outearn the money they cost.

And afterwards, you must find the horse a home when it’s career is over. Not every horse is cut out for stud or broodmare duty and not everyone has a farm they can bring their horse home to.

But, there are ways to still get all of the benefits of being an owner without the high costs or stress. For those who live in Minnesota or surrounding states, the answer is the Canterbury Park Racing Club!

Though members of this club will not actually own a racehorse, they will get the same opportunities that a full owner does at a fraction of the price! Membership to the club costs $199, but the memories are priceless.

Imagine standing in Canterbury’s paddock as you watch your horse saddle up. The excitement has butterflies whirling around your stomach, your mind dazed with what is happening. You are no longer on the other side of the fence watching other people live out your dreams. You are part of it.

Imagine standing in the grandstands as your horse breaks flawlessly from the starting gates and settles in their preferred position. Those butterflies from the paddock still remain, your body is so tense. When the horse gets to the stretch, you smile because they’re in the lead and charging towards the wire with no threat looming behind them.

[Video: Watch Brilliant Belle win for the 2017 Canterbury Park Racing Club]

Those dreams of greeting your own racehorse in the winner’s circle are finally a reality. That smile hasn’t left your face as you gather among the other members of the club, together experiencing what it is like to have your picture taken with a winning racehorse.

The memories and benefits of club membership don’t stop there. You will get the opportunity to tour the stable area of Canterbury Park with a guest to meet the trainer and have photos taken with your horse. You will receive an invitation to watch your horse train. You’ll get free admission to owner seminar events and an invitation to an exclusive owner’s Festival of Racing Preview in September.

Even more, you’ll get owner discounts on things like Horse Country Tours and Canterbury Park merchandise. Plus, your club membership includes six free admission passes for the entire 2020 racing season so you can bring your friends and family to the races!

Clearly, the Canterbury Park Racing Club’s benefits far outweigh the membership price. It is the perfect way for horse racing fans and horse lovers to experience what it is like to own a racehorse without the outrageous costs. Though you do not own the racehorse, you will certainly feel as if you do.

It is a club full of opportunities to be educated while also being entertained. Plus, it’s good for horses too!!

All net profits from your horse’s racing career and sale will be donated to a charity that is dedicated to helping retired racehorses find good homes once they retire.

It is a win-win situation. Even if you do not purchase a club membership for yourself, consider purchasing it as a holiday gift for the racing fans in your life. It is the gift that keeps on giving all year long! What could be better than that!?

Click here to join the Canterbury Park Racing Club! You will not regret your decision to become part of a racehorse’s journey!


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