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Celebrate Frankel's 12th Birthday with This Feel Good Documentary

Many people consider Frankel to be the greatest racehorse they have ever seen. He is an incredible representation of the Thoroughbred racehorse. His pedigree (Galileo - Kind, Danehill) is impeccable. Today marks the stallion’s twelfth birthday!

If you’re looking for a way to reflect on the breathtaking career of Frankel, I highly recommend the documentary “Frankel the Superhorse: The Greatest Racehorse of All Time”.

I watched this documentary a few months ago and absolutely loved it. It gives such an interesting look inside the life of Frankel’s trainer, Henry Cecil. From the 70s to mid 90s, Cecil was one of the greatest trainers in Europe. He was named Champion Trainer 11 times in the span of twenty years.

However, Cecil’s career eventually began down a path of decline in the late 90s and 2000s. His top clients left him behind, shrinking his stable from 200 horses to 50. His second marriage failed and his twin brother died from cancer all at the same time. Shortly after, Cecil was diagnosed with stomach cancer himself. From 2000 to 2006, he didn’t win a single Group 1 race.

Then Frankel came along and turned Cecil’s life right back around. The documentary describes the tragedies of Cecil’s life before he met Frankel and how the horse pulled him out of his slump.

The film takes viewers on the hair-raising, heart-stopping journey of Frankel’s fourteen race career from training to retirement. It is a beautiful, feel-good tale of redemption. What is a better way to celebrate Frankel’s birthday than reminiscing on his races and the impact he had on those around him?

Watch the trailer to “Frankel the Superhorse: The Greatest Racehorse of all Time” & see viewing or purchase options below!


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