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Horse Country Re-Opens For Visitors

We all know that there is no better way to get someone interested in horse racing than by putting the sport right before their eyes. Most racetracks may be closed to the public at this time, but thankfully there are still other ways that you can be in the presence of horse racing: Horse Country tours.

In their own words, “Horse Country, Inc. is an organization of horse farms, equine medical clinics and equine attractions dedicated to sharing the stories of Kentucky’s Horse Country. We hope to create emotional experiences by sharing the story of the horses, the land, and the people with our guests; ultimately to develop fans of farms and clinics through tourism experiences.”

Horse Country offers all kinds of tours to those who are interested in learning about Kentucky’s equine industry. Not only can visitors book stud farm tours, but they can also tour nurseries, feed mills, veterinarian clinics, training and racing tracks, sport horse farms, and aftercare organizations. Guests can book group tours that start at around $20 per person or can even book private tours to places like Claiborne Farm for $600. Some tours are all walking, others offer shuttle rides to their guests. There is truly something for all interests and budgets.

The Champions of the Track team has been on three Horse Country tours so far. We first visited Claiborne Farm in June 2019 and were absolutely blown away by the knowledge of the tour guide (who was also a stallion groom at the farm) and the access we were all given. You saw all the historical spots and even got to take a photo with War Front, the farm’s stallion who is valued at over $80 million. [5 Reasons You Should Tour Claiborne Farm]

We also visited Lane’s End Farm and were enamored with the beauty of the place. It was a very clean, bright, and modern farm with tons of good information for the visitors. Not only did we get to meet the farm’s stallions in the barns, but they also brought three stallions outside for everyone to get a better look at and took photos of. Accelerate, Quality Road, and Union Rags were brought out on that particular day. We were even lucky enough to meet the great sire A.P. Indy, who sadly passed away early this year. [5 Reasons You Need To Visit Lane’s End Farm]

In January 2020, our team was lucky enough to visit Hagyard Equine Medical Institute in Lexington. This tour is extremely interesting to anyone who wants an inside look at the care given to the horses in this area. We were impressed with medical equipment that we have never seen before and were even given a chance to see things like bone chips that had been removed from horses in the past.

Horse Country tours had been closed for some time due to Covid-19, so horse fans could only get a glimpse at life inside these farms by watching the virtual tours conducted on social media. Many farms are now re-opening to visitors, though with restrictions in place. Most farms ask their visitors to wear a mask and may be switching shuttle rides to a caravan style drive to and from the various destinations on the farm.

If you’re ready to get back out there and see these magnificent horses in person, head over to Horse Country’s website and start booking your tours! They are each an incredible experience in their own way and you will make memories that you will never forget.


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