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Horse Racing Doc "Chasing The Win" Tells a Heart-Warming Story You Need to Know

Horse Racing is often referred to as the “Sport of Kings”, but it is not always royalty that reigns in this sport. It helps to have an endless money flow, but not everyone who feels a love for Thoroughbred Horse Racing has deep pockets or royal bloodlines. This is something that is beautifully illustrated in the horse racing documentary Chasing The Win.

Chasing The Win tells the story of a once-homeless trainer, down on their luck owners, and a cheap horse. Fate brought the three together for a campaign that would propel them to the status of kings.

The film starts with at the barn of trainer Carl O’Callaghan. You are quickly drawn in and made to feel as if you are a part of Carl’s team. Chasing The Win details the colorful life of Carl O’Callaghan, taking you through his early days in Ireland and the process of immigration that led him to live under a bridge in New York City.

Viewers of this film will hear interviews with Todd Pletcher, the hall of fame trainer that Carl worked for not long after immigrating to the United States. Eventually, viewers meet Patrick Sheehy, the owner who put his horse Kinsale King into the hands of Carl. Kinsale King had been purchased for $67,000 by Sheehy when the colt was a two-year old. The colt raced with a different trainer for his first few races. He broke his maiden on his second try, but failed to perform well afterwards until transferred to the barn of Carl O’Callaghan. The film takes you on a journey of transformation, showing Carl use love, patience, and thought to help Kinsale King through his persistent foot problems.

Chasing The Win takes you along the ride of Kinsale King’s three graded stakes victories in a row. The scene of Kinsale King’s win in the Dubai Golden Shaheen produces so much joy and jubilation that it is certain to jerk tears in all viewers of this film.

Those who watch Chasing The Win are taken on a roller coaster of emotions that is Thoroughbred Horse Racing. You feel the ecstasy of victory, the agony of loss, the nerves of uncertainty, and the love that keeps everyone going through the good and the bad.

I recommend this award winning documentary not only to racing fans, but to those who need a feel-good story. Not a single moment of this documentary will bore you. It shows the good of horse racing through and through and, because of that, it needs support from the horse racing community.

Chasing The Win was directed by Laura Sheehy and Chris Ghelfi. Original music was composed by Ryan DeNardo. Click here to watch Chasing The Win

[Video: Watch the trailer for Chasing The Win here]


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