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The Rundown, a Stable Management App, Aims to Eliminate Communication Problems in Horse Racing

The hustle and bustle of horse racing can cause headaches, especially when it comes to communication. The number of connections some racehorses have can be hard to keep up with, and that can result in some of those connections being left out of the loop.

Chelsea Dexter is aiming to solve this problem with her app “The Rundown”.

The Rundown is a racehorse and stable management app designed to eliminate any communication issues between trainers, owners, and stable employees. Trainers will be able to use the app to assign tasks to their employees and track what has been completed. They can also use the app to create a calendar to track training, races, and appointments; to quickly chat with owners and employees; to create, send, and receive payments for invoices; to upload and track all medical records to keep everyone in the loop; and to create a profile for all horses to manage their information.

Owners can use The Rundown to pay invoices directly through the app, to track and view all of their horse’s medical records, to chat with trainers or find a new one, to stay updated on their horse’s performances and earnings, and to keep track of all of their horse’s training, races, and appointments.

Stables can use this app to list their stables for free, chat with trainers, and manage all tasks that need completed. To make things even easier, The Rundown is free for all stable employees to use!

Chelsea has been obsessed with racehorses since she was a young girl. “When I was 7, I wrote a letter to the local racetrack (which is a harness racing track) asking if I could work on the track,” Chelsea recalled. “They wrote me back saying once I turn 18, I will be the first person they hire.” She has also been riding horses for about twenty years. In her early twenties, Chelsea would walk around the backside of the track to ask trainers and grooms if any of the horses needed a new career. She got her current horse that way and has also bought, retrained, and found new homes for a few others. Chelsea remained true to her passion for horses throughout college, graduating from Ohio State University with a Bachelor of Science in Agriculture and a minor in Equine Science. Chelsea’s doctor shares her love of horse racing, so she was absolutely floored when he told her that one of his racehorses had died three weeks ago and he had just found out. She knew that she had to do something.

She came up with the idea for The Rundown and got to work. The past 1 1/2 years of Chelsea's life have been dedicated to The Rundown. She found even more stories like her doctor's while doing her market research, validating her belief that she was doing the right thing.

“The race world is much different compared to performance horses,” Chelsea explained. “[The] race world has non-horse people and horse people. The Rundown is trying to fix the communication aspect in that industry.”

In addition to healing the communication headache, Chelsea aims for The Rundown to usher a new-generation into horse racing, a generation that is used to getting all the information they need in just a moment’s notice.

“I am also hoping if everyone is more in the know, maybe that’ll stop the knee jerk decision to get rid of that horse.”

Chelsea has been attending banquets and horse racing commission meetings to help promote her app. She has handpicked investors that have strong names in the industry.

With the release of the app coming in early to mid-April, it looks like all of Chelsea’s hard work is about to pay off! You can visit The Rundown’s website to learn more and stay updated by following them on one of their social media platforms!


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