Treasure of the Midwest: Breakway Farm

Breakway Farm in Dillsboro, Indiana. Treasure of the Midwest
Breakway Farm founder Janice Jordan with her daughter Tara Mathias & granddaughter Brooklyn with broodmare Hassled.

Those who turn off State Road 50 near Dillsboro, Indiana and head down Racing Lane are met with a beautiful sight. Nestled well back off the highway is a beautiful cabin-style home, surrounded by trees, paddocks, and earthy-toned barns. Within those barns and paddocks reside some of the finest Thoroughbreds in Indiana; well-bred broodmares, beautifully made foals, and accomplished stallions.

To outsiders, this may just seem like a pretty horse farm, but to those within the horse racing community Breakway Farm is synonymous with success.

A History of Horses:

Breakway Farm was started in 1995 by Janice Jordan and her husband Scott Jordan, though the farm’s founder Janice Jordan has been working with horses much longer than that. Janice did not grow up in the industry, but her love for horses led her to get a job cleaning stalls at 12 years old. At 16 years old she got a job breaking and training show horses and it is through that boss that she was introduced to the Thoroughbred industry.

Janice gained experience breaking and galloping racehorses and eventually began to work as a trainer. It is at the track that she met her husband Scott and together they built Breakway Farm. What began as just a 12 horse operation has transformed into a flourishing full-service Thoroughbred Farm.

Indiana-bred Thoroughbred foal at Breakway Farm. Dillsboro, Indiana. Treasure of the Midwest

Family is Everything:

Success rarely comes without hard work in the horse industry and Breakway has been no exception. It takes an incredible amount of time, patience, and energy to take such good care of these horses, and sometimes great help can be hard to come by. This is why Breakway is such a family commitment.

Scott and Janice’s children Tara and Derrik grew up on the farm, learning about horses and the Thoroughbred industry from the moment they were born. Their help with the daily and managerial activities has been imperative in getting Breakway to thrive. Tara’s husband Anthony also plays an important role on the farm and their daughter is growing up to love horses and farm life too.

Family is truly the heart and soul behind Breakway Farm. Though this lifestyle can be quite exhausting for the family, especially during the sleepless foaling season, it does benefit their clients. The people who own and run this farm are working with their horses every single day, ensuring that their standards are lived up to. The horses the Breakway team watches over are very important to their clients and the farm is dedicated to keeping these horses happy and healthy.

High Standards of Care:

There are four main categories of services that Breakway can offer to their clients.

Those who choose to board their horses at Breakway Farm can rest assured that their horses are taken good care of. The facilities at Breakway are very safe and the team is sure to keep a watchful eye over every horse they have. The farm also makes use of nutrition consultants so that each individual horse is receiving a balanced, healthy, and personalized diet to fit their needs.

Broodmare at Breakway Farm. Dillsboro, Indiana. Treasure of the Midwest

Breakway Farm is more than capable of taking in horses in need of a layup. The farm has multiple options for turnout - indoor space and both small and large pastures - and they can help return a racehorse to fitness with a multitude of different exercising techniques. They understand the importance of excellent care and observation after a horse goes through surgery and will follow all post-operation procedures, no matter if the procedure was big or small.

Some of Breakway's most important services are breeding and foaling. The farm currently has six stallions standing stud on their property. Their roster includes top Indiana sires Skylord and Turbo Compressor, as well as the beautiful multiple-stakes producer Mondavi. They also have some fresh faces on their roster, like Forever D’oro, a beautifully bred son of Kentucky Oaks winner and broodmare of the year Lemons Forever (making him a half-brother to Forever Unbridled and Unbridled Forever); Charming Kitten, who earned more than $1 million on the track; and Calculator, a wonderful racehorse known for being one of the only horses to ever finish ahead of Triple Crown winner American Phaorah.