Treasure of the Midwest: Springcliff Farm

Unbridled Spring filly at Springcliff Farm, Indiana.
Filly by Unbridled Spring out of How Awesome Am I at Springcliff Farm.

The longevity of horse racing depends on passionate people who wish to see this business thrive. Everyone who makes a living in this industry wants to see it grow, but there are a few people and organizations who are taking the extra initiative to ensure that it does. One of those people is Christine Cagle of Springcliff Farm.

A Farm With Deep Roots:

The roots of Springcliff Farm go very deep. This land was purchased all the way back in 1863 by the Thomas family and Springcliff Farm was officially established in 1864. The farm was kept in the Thomas family for many, many years. In the 1970s, Dr. John Thomas and his wife Christine built Springcliff Farm into a horse farm and it has remained that way ever since.

Springcliff Farm left the Thomas family in 2017 when the Cagle family purchased the farm. Though Springcliff is no longer owned by the Thomas family, the farm’s new owners are dedicated to living up to their legacy of professional equine care. They have done an excellent job thus far.

Paynter colt at Springcliff Farm in Indiana
Mizzen My Momma and her Paynter colt at Springcliff Farm, June 2020.

A Legacy To Live Up To:

Those who have visited Springcliff Farm can certainly attest to this; every horse who resides here looks happy and well-cared for, even those who may be recovering from an injury. Each staff member here possesses a deep love for horses and are willing to put in the hard work it requires to raise healthy and strong Thoroughbreds. The farm’s operations never cease, even on holidays or during inclement weather.

Christine and her staff are in these barns every single day, feeding horses, mucking stalls, and rotating mares and foals in and out of paddocks. Each horse is watched over attentively, guided with firm yet gentle hands, and treated with the utmost respect - even the horses that have a little more attitude than others.

There is good reason why Springcliff is one of the most trusted and loved Thoroughbred farms in the state of Indiana.

Yearling filly by Race Day at Springcliff Farm, Indiana.
A yearling filly by Race Day practices for her future on the track.

An Indiana Standard:

Christine Cagle and her team greet everyone who visits Springcliff Farm with open arms. They love to show “newbies” some of the inner-ropes of foaling and raising Thoroughbred racehorses and are happy to answer any questions people may ask about life at the farm and in the horse racing industry.

Horse racing can be a very traditional business and oftentimes the people involved were born into it, but the team behind Springcliff Farm knows that the longevity of horse racing depends on new people getting involved. They do everything they can to promote breeding and racing Thoroughbreds here in Indiana.

Information on Indiana's lucrative breeders and owners program can be found on Springcliff's website and social media platforms. They are also members of the Indiana Thoroughbred Alliance, which is a collaboration of breeders, owners, trainers, and horse-racing enthusiasts dedicated to the continued success of Thoroughbred breeding and racing in the state of Indiana.

In just a few short years, the Cagle family has transformed Springcliff Farm into a standard for the Indiana Thoroughbred industry. The care the horses receive here and the passion the team possesses have helped shine a spotlight on Indiana, allowing outsiders to see this state as a premier destination for breeding, raising, and racing Thoroughbreds. Their continued dedication to attracting and educating newbies in this industry will surely help horse racing grow and thrive in Indiana.


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